Douglas Brent Smith
Douglas Brent Smith 

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Mature actor (late 50's to late 60's) specializing in the role of mentor and story teller.

Every major film needs a mentor -- someone who guides the protagonist, provides the exposition in a fascinating way and moves the story forward to the adventure. Doug is that mentor.

Based in the Denver area. Available for roles world-wide.
Douglas Brent Smith 
Douglas Brent Smith

Douglas Brent SmithDouglas Brent Smith

Every major film needs a mentor and Douglas Brent Smith, a Colorado actor who is available worldwide specializes in playing that role: the storyteller, doctor, therapist, scientist, professor, priest, teacher, prophet, judge, and side-kick who moves your story forward.

He's the character who talks your protagonist into taking that great adventure, and then leads your hero on the heroes journey.

He is the mentor who delivers the exposition of your story in fascinating ways and prods your hero into action.

If you can book Sean Connory or Harrison Ford, go for it. But if not, Douglas Brent Smith is your man.

Playing the therapist
Your go-to for mentor therapist and counselor roles...

Mentor, Coach, Professor, Therapist, Doctor, Teacher: Douglas Brent Smith

Return To The Twilight Zone
Fitzgerald Fortune in "A Piano In The House"
Autumn 2009

Judy Carlson, Douglas Brent Smith

I shall expect delivery by 6:30 pm...

A Piano In The House

A magnificent performance, Esther...

Faced with that lugubrious expression

Faced with that lugubrious expression...

I'm rather vexed with you Marge

I'm rather vexed with you Marge...

I hurt you the most, Esther...

I hurt you the most, Esther...

Anything Goes

Anything Goes

Anything Goes, Coal Creek Community Theatre, November 2008

You Can't Take It With You

You Can't Take It With You

Discussing the sky rocket during You Can't Take It With You. Coal Creek Community Theater, April 2009

Too close to the powder

Too close to the powder, from You Can't Take It With You

The Face in the Mirror

Film: Face In The Mirror

Face in the Mirror

Face In The Mirror

Representation: Lincoln Talent, Denver, CO

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Featured Mentor Roles

Western sidekick
Story teller

Feature Films

Assassin's Code
Bad Boys
Sixteen Candles

Network Television

The Killing Floor

Short Films

The Face in the Mirror
The E/R Experience
The Devil's Bullets


The Man Who Never Died
You Can't Take It With You
Anything Goes
Return to the Twilight Zone
The Cherry Orchard
Fiddler on the Roof

Touring Theater

Mustard Seed Theater Company
Child's Play Touring Theater
Bucks County Playhouse

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